Apple Watch

My 5+1 favorite  Apps on Apple Watch

1/  TIME is the most important valued “commodity". You learned that in the school and you realized that in the real life, when you missed important appointment. Without constantly pulling my phone from the bag or from the pocket, now with the simple look at the raised arm, I know exactly what time is it.  Return to the old classic watch era? Definitelly not! When I first got my Apple Watch, I was hooked. Honestly, I can say, it was love at the first sight. And I am not even tech geek …..


2/ As a fitness entusiastis and regular gym visitor, I love useful Apple HEALTH Aplication. It is my personal motivator, daily inspiration to move more or to stand up and take a short walk or to move a little bit more to reach my daily goals. The  absolute best feature of Apple Health App is that it automatically counts your burned calories! However you must enter couple of information as your age, gender, height, weight. Setting is very, very simple process and results are worth it.




3) Making PHONE CALLS with a watch? Yes, now it is possible thanks to Apple Watch. You don’t need to join secret service to enjoy this fun and useful feature. Somebody from one current fashion magazine wrote, that taking phone calls on Apple Watch is no-no. WHAT? Why? Who said that … Apple watch is barely 2 months old and somebody is already trying to make some artificial rules, what is right or not. I had seen many people making phone calls in public, subway, bus, theater … etc. disturbing others. Making short calls on Apple Watch is much more elegant and non-disturbing feature to others. Once you take your first call on the watch, you will love it. Of course, it is not for long calls with your friends. If you know, that your call will last longer, just switch to iPhone. 


4/ Apple Watch is perfect for MESSAGING. I mean short messaging. Remember this is a watch, extension of your phone. It has a limited space. There is no keyboard. So, how it is possible, that messaging is working flawlessly? Answer is super simple. When you hit “reply” button, there are pre-set the most used casual  answers as Yes, No, OK, What’up, Sorry can’t talk right now, Thanks, Can I call you later…etc. You just pick the answer, that is right for your current situation and message is automaticaly sent. OK, I already can hear you, what if I need different answer, that is not in the offer? Apple though about this possibility too. There is Siri button. You just dictate your message to Siri and it is automatically written on your watch screen. You can send it as a text or as an audio(voice message). 




5/ Another extremely cool feature is PAYMENT with the Apple Watch. I always see amazed people, when I am paying with my watch. Usually I get answers as "I see it for the first time" or "Wow, it is so cool, I need to get one too". And everybody is smiling at me. And I am leaving the store (usually Starbucks) with a great mood. However, you need to know one important thing, there is heavy settings and security to set up your credit cards to passbook, but result is worth it!


6/ Our WitttyGolf application is a must for a modern smart golfer. We have variation for iPhone and also (of course) AppleWatch. Next blog is dedicated to our golf app(see red icon with golf balls).


What are your favorite features on Apple Watch?

Marietta Spiskova

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