Witty Golf Ball - Flying Genious

Let me introduce our new product(still in development) called WITTY. It is the only intelligent golf ball on the market. Our patented golf ball is creative and very unique device. It offers you a different perspective of the golf game.

Witty golf ball is a small electronic device capturing golf game statistics in connection with any Bluetooth equipped device, such as phone, tablet,  portable computer or any wear-ables as Apple Watch.


Golf ball with Bluetooth low energy will complement every golfers game. It will allow you to play more enjoyable and fluid game. Truly perfect combination of two elements, connected into one powerful device. See attached screenshot of one of the screens on Apple Watch. 


Why do we think you might need Witty smart golf ball?

1. Have you ever lost pencil or score card on the golf course?

2. Have you ever forgot your score from last played hole?

3. Did anything disturb you (unexpected call, rain...etc) and you lost track of your score?

4. Do you remember golf course where you got your best score? (or the worst?)

5. Do you know how many putts do you have on average?

6. Do you know under what weather conditions did you play the best round?  (interesting right?)

7. Do you know your latest handicap?  

8. Are you often losing your golf ball? With Witty we can eliminate "losing" by approximate 35% (depends on players skills), but it doesn't mean you will never lose another golf ball. You will find your ball faster.

9. How about possible golf games (on the golf course) for 2 golfers or more. Each player need to play with the Witty. Then the fun begins.


Can you imagine golf ball capturing and helping you with issues/question above? No need to imagine, we have answer for you: Witty Golf Ball!

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